Friday, July 6, 2012

Swan Lake

Glamorous flowers and plants, sparkling lakes, small marsh lands, gigantic magnolias and other trees, and last but not least, hundreds of swans that make up one of my family's favorite parks- Swan Lake. Today my family decided to visit Swan Lake in Sumpter, SC. I was snapping pictures almost the whole time we were there, but what should I do with them all? Share and blog them, of course! Here are some of my best pictures I took at Swan Lake.

Swan Lake Gardens

Not only does Swan Lake have swans, ducks and geese, they also have luxurious flower beds, with blending colors of mums, hydrangea's, caladiums, butterfly bushes and many other flowers, including the plants and trees that decorate the gardens. These snapshots are from Swan Lake Gardens, and I hope you enjoy them!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Glorious Flowers

It is so amazing how many charming flowers there are that God has created for us to admire! Our family took a trip to the River Banks zoo this morning, and my Mom and I went to the River Banks Botanical Gardens, where these pictures came from. 


 Yellow Lily

Bromeliad (Neoregelia carolinae "Flandria")

 Green Rose

 Yellow Lily



 This is probably a type of Coleus. I'm not sure.

 Day Lily

 Fire Lily


I think these are a type of Morning Glory.

 Sword Lily

Here is another mystery plant. This plant is a green vine with tiny pink flowers and green curly buds.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Pumpkin Flowers

This fall I am growing pumpkin plants, to which they are in bloom right now. It is my first year growing them, and they are doing really well. I had no idea that the pumpkin flowers were this big!

Here is another pumpkin bloom. They look like they are part of the Tiger Lily family, don't they?

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I got these Vincas and transplanted them... though when I did they were already blooming but the plants were small. Now all the plants formed new plants and they grew and grew, so now I have a small flower bed of just Vincas!

Here is another picture of the Vincas.

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Morning Glorys!

These are blue Morning Glory's that I planted last Spring. Don't they just make you feel joyful when you look at them?!

Here is a Morning Glory up close.

Here is my whole vine (or should I say vines) of my Morning Glory's.

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Butterflys in my flower garden!

I found this little guy fluttering around my flower bed. I am not sure, but I think I watched this butterfly when he made it's cocoon and when he came out! He has always stayed in my garden when he was a caterpillar and he has always stayed in my garden when he now is a butterfly!

I think this type of butterfly is called an Aphrodite. It is a charming orange and black with a light brown body.

Here is a picture of just the yellow flower that the butterfly drank the nectar from.

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